Following GO Hillsborough's extensive citizen feedback, it is apparent that citizens believe Hillsborough County is facing a potential transportation crisis. In fact, it is the top concern for citizens – twice that of jobs and our local economy.

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Rather than just sit in traffic and do nothing, GO Hillsborough recommends a fair, balanced, and community-driven transportation plan that will fix our roads first, relieve congestion, redesign transit, and make our lives better. The recommendation is funding this plan by placing a dedicated ½ percent sales tax referendum on the November 2016 election ballot. This will create $117.5 million annually and $3.5 billion over 30 years. At the same time a ½ percent sales tax is implemented, new growth will pay an increased and equitable share for its transportation impacts, too.

The GO Hillsborough Community Transportation Plan will:

While this new revenue doesn't meet all of our needs, it meaningfully improves the lives of all Hillsborough County citizens. It will fund 100% of the backlog and future maintenance and 100% of bike and sidewalks safety needs in unincorporated Hillsborough County. Since roads and transit go hand in hand to relieve traffic flow, it will expand and improve roads, including synchronizing all traffic signals, and redesign and improve our transit system with bus rapid transit (BRT), flex and express bus services, and modernized streetcar through downtown Tampa and on to the airport or USF.

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