Our first telephone town hall meeting attracted more than 6,000 callers on Thursday evening, March 19. We’re pleased with the overwhelming response to the Go Hillsborough project, and the amount of participation we’ve seen. Clearly, people want their voices and choices heard, and they appreciate the opportunity to speak with county and city leaders with first-hand knowledge of our transportation issues. During the telephone meeting, 31 callers had their questions answered on the call by Go Hillsborough representatives, and many more questions were answered online and through our social media channels.

Among the issues we heard were the need for more sidewalks and bike lanes to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety; questions about whether transit options, such as buses, will be expanded; and the timetable to complete existing road projects. Callers were also very complimentary of the county’s Sunshine Line, which provides door-to-door transportation and bus passes for our older and low-income population. Many callers would like to see this service increased.

Thursday’s telephone town hall meeting wrapped up Go Hillsborough’s Understanding the Issues segment (or phase). Last night, we started the next series of conversations, Exploring Options, which included reaffirming and honing in on commonalities and differences as we make our way toward finding consensus and a true Community Transportation Plan. Join us Thursday, March 26 when we hear from residents again and begin prioritizing their needs and desires among a larger geographic context.