With about a half dozen GO Hillsborough workshops complete, the transportation wants and needs of our neighbors are starting to take shape. We’re appreciative that so many people – 600 so far – have joined us for these open-ended conversations, which are being held throughout the county and cities. We’re also pleased that representatives from area media outlets are attending the informational sessions and sharing the information with their audiences. This not only makes more of our neighbors aware of GO Hillsborough, but adds another layer of conversation.

So what are community members saying? First, nearly all of us can agree that our declining transportation system impacts the quality of life we enjoy here in Hillsborough County. Whether you live in an Urban or Suburban area, you’ve told us that maintaining existing roads and addressing ongoing needs is paramount. For a majority of folks in more populated areas, new and/or expanded transit routes, new streets with sidewalks, and bike lanes are important. For our suburban and rural neighbors, creating and/or widening roads, resurfacing and improving intersections are a priority.

YOU play an important role in finding transportation solutions that will benefit our entire community. We look forward to seeing you next week!